Hello June: The Art of Asking for Help

It’s June! My favorite month of the year! Why? It’s my birthday month! This month I’m exploring the art of asking for help. It’s truly an art to figure out the things you NEED then researching places/people to ask for help. You may get rejected, but at least you tried. This is not about begging, this is about strategic moves to improve your life outcomes. It’s scary, but worth it.

I’m turning 40 and I’m not where I thought I’d be, yet I’m a lot farther than where I could have been. Still, there are a lot of things I’d like to do in the next chapter of my life and I’m going to need help. I’m not the best at asking for help – I admit it. But sometimes, ok most times, it’s to my detriment.

I saw this post on twitter by writer, Kiki Schirr and was inspired! Applying for ‘out of my league opportunities’ made me shiver with fear yet beam with courage. I wanted to do that! I know I’ve spent a majority of my time coloring inside the lines. I know I’m smart, attractive, and people generally like me, but making big dramatic ‘asks’ or working outside of my comfort zone? I gave up on that way back in the day. But why? Mostly fear.

So, the remainder of this year, as a gift to myself, I’m going to do the things that scare me, ask the questions that may get a negative response, and seek help more often. I already started the process earlier this week (like giving TV MOGUL, Mona Scott-Young, a copy of my book), I’ll keep you posted on the outcomes.

Oh yeah, and this turning 40 business – I swear to God on high I don’t even know what turning 40 is about! Legit, I feel like I’m 29! Maybe sometimes, after a workout, my body reminds me of how old I am. But mentally, yeah, I’m 29. Basically, I have a lot of life to live and I’m going to start living it with less fear! Let’s do this!

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