MY STYLE: New Job – New Look

Oh did you hear? I got a new job! And it’s at my alma-mater, Tennessee State University. I’m so excited to return to the place that set my foundation. But, with any new endeavor, I’m always thinking about my style. I’m always ready to change it up to give myself a new VIBE!

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Shout out to the team at Jessica London for sponsoring my ‘back to work’ look! My previous job was in the non-profit world – very laid back and very casual. Seriously, if I wore heels to work, it was a big deal. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE some casual looks. But I love being able to add a bit of flare too. Now, working at college, I feel the need to step up my game. Students come to me for guidance and I hope I can stylishly lead them.

FabGlance / workwear / plus-size
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This leather dress from Jessica London has become a FAVE! I didn’t think I’d like a leather dress. Definitely didn’t think I’d love the Merlot color so much! Then I added the animal print satchel – LISTEN, I was feeling myself (Hey, Beyonce). This bag became an instant fave because it holds EVERYTHING! Great to carry across campus while looking quit stylish.

Animal Print Bags for Work / Fab Glance

So, this month, I’ll be sharing more of my NEW JOB style. I’ve created a Pinterest board and everything. My updated style will be a mix of athleisure, classic lines, with an urban spin! I’m excited to show you my GLOW-UP! Also, I’m excited to have money to shop with! HAHAH!

Fab Glance / Workwear / Plus Size Style

What’s your office style? You thinking about changing it up? Let me know in the comments.

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