STYLE: Too old for the trends?

How do you do fellow kids?!” LOL! Do you ever feel weird when you see a style or trend that some would call ‘young’?

Lets talk about aging and getting dressed. As a woman past 30, I’m always conflicted about dressing ‘my age’. I’ve always skewed young, most people pointing out that I don’t look my age. Even when I was in my 20’s my face has read younger. Also, I’ve always worked in youth development, so it makes sense for me to be up with the young people. From music to fashion, I love being on the cusp of the ‘come up’!

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Neon Dream / FabGlance
Do I look too young to be here?

So when Jessica London asked me to style these white boots I took a nod from some of my favorite, trendy, younger bloggers on the net like: @LuluLinden, @themattiejames, and @jessicapettway! I have to admit, I’ve hated white boots for ages. I thought they looked like majorette boots. But, i wanted to step out of my box, and baby, I’m so happy I did!

WHITE BOOTS / FAB GLANCE Major trendy majorette vibez!

Ok guys, seriously, how cute are these! I feel vibrant and on trend, but not in a thirsty way.The sillohette is what spoke to me. I love the pointed tow and the block heel. It’s a nice height that I can wear all day without feeling uncomfortable. When I thought of ways to style the white boots, I thought of how I’d style a pair of all-white sneakers. And that’s when I decided to push the box ALL THE WAY:

NEON LIFE / FAB GLANCE Neon Hoodie, Metallic bag, and rainbow glasses – I’m young and trendy!

I’d been eyeing a neon . . . SOMETHING, for months. I was hesitant because I’m not used to wearing such bright colors on my plus-size frame. But, who cares, I’ll just be the bright ball of stylish positivity that someone needs! The metallic bag is from Target and the glasses are from Forever 21. I’m just loving this look; expect to see it in real life!

If you like it, rock it! Who cares about age limits.

So, if you like it, rock it. Mess around with the proportions, find some inspiration online, and go live you best stylish life! Shout-out to Jessica London for these amazing boots that have helped me upgrade my style game!

What trends would you like to try this year?

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2 thoughts on “STYLE: Too old for the trends?

  1. Getting older and dressing “for your age” can be tricky. I think you pull it off but it helps when you don’t look your age lol.


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