Nashville Curves Week – Melissa

Nashville Curves is successfully launched and completed. I’m so excited that the Facebook page is up and running. We have more than 100 active members and we are growing by the day.

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Nashville Curves - Group Shot - Black - 2018

Nashville Curves: Best and Worst campaign I’ve launched.

The best part was that we launched a whole initiative! I’m already getting emails and messages about people and businesses wanting to collaborate and host workshops for all my curvy ladies! I’m so excited to present these amazing opportunities to you. And, I’m excited that I’m taking MY TIME to develop workshops that will truly help my target demographic: Plus-Size Women Living in Nashville.

The worst part of this year’s campaign was how INSTAGRAM suppressed my content! Y’all! I’ve done a bunch of research to figure this out but I don’t have a definitive answer. My thoughts, I gained ALOT of followers in a short amount of time. Gaining so many followers in a short amount of time, I THINK, made the IG bots think I was spam. I’m finally in the 7000 club, and steadily gaining around 25 followers a day. My goal is to have 10K by the end of the year – Follow Me! With growth comes new challenges.


I continued to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, although my engagement was low on Instagram. Because I diversified where I shared the content the WEBSITE received tons more views! Thanks to YOU! And thanks to my gorgeous CLASS of 2018: Brynn, Canesha, Jelly, and Nica. So, even though Instagram tried to be a WHOLE hater, we were successful. Also, Blogger Life TIP – don’t always depend on IG to promote your content!

But Where You get your Swimsuits from?

Shout out to Amazon and Forever 21 for the fly suits! Not sponsored (yet) but I’m happy to have places to select really cute and affordable swimsuits! These are the types of shopping tips we’ll be sharing in the Nashville Curves Facebook group. But, yes, my cute & flirty flowered suit came straight from Amazon!

The black two piece suit came from Forever 21 Plus. Unfortunately the style I wore is no longer available but Forever 21 Plus has a ton of cute suits available for you swimming pleasure, and they are affordable.

Nashville Curve - Fabglance - Black Swim

Are you Nashville’s Plus-Size Blogger?

I know I wrote a whole post called, ‘I Don’t Want to be a Plus-Size Blogger‘ and it was the truth at the time. But, after some soul-searching and research, I’m happy to step into this position. Of course, with the understanding that I’m a multi-faceted story-teller and community connector. Basically, I’m not a one-trick pony.

I love being one of the faces of Nashville’s plus-size community as well as a veteran in the blogging community. I’ve launched many concepts, but the Nashville Curves initiative is due to make a big impact on the community. I’m happy to lead the charge!

Check out all of the Nashville Curves profiles on the website.

Join the Nashville Curves Facebook group to stay up-to-date on new events and discussions!

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