STYLE: Too old for the trends?

How do you do fellow kids?!” LOL! Do you ever feel weird when you see a style or trend that some would call ‘young’?

Lets talk about aging and getting dressed. As a woman past 30, I’m always conflicted about dressing ‘my age’. I’ve always skewed young, most people pointing out that I don’t look my age. Even when I was in my 20’s my face has read younger. Also, I’ve always worked in youth development, so it makes sense for me to be up with the young people. From music to fashion, I love being on the cusp of the ‘come up’! Continue reading “STYLE: Too old for the trends?”

#BloggerLife: How to get brands to work with you

I’ve worked with major brands and I’ve worked with small brands and I have some tips on making sure you get on the mailing lists, even when you have a small following. After blogging for 13 years, I know a little bit about getting brands to look my way.

Now, if you are a blogger influencer looking to get some quick & major money from influencer marketing, I’m probably gonna make you mad. The first thing you need to know is that most brands don’t want to pay you. Like, for real. Most bloggers barely make $4 a day from sponsored posts. But, don’t get distracted, it is possible to make a great income from influencer marketing. You have to follow some steps to get your brand ready to work with your favorite sponsors. Continue reading “#BloggerLife: How to get brands to work with you”

Is dating in Nashville a lost cause?

After attending the recent event, ‘Single in the Ville’, sponsored by Nashville’s newest publication, Nashville Voice I was almost convinced that dating in Nashville was a lost cause.

The Nashville Voice is the city’s newest African-American news publication.  The online news source discusses Nashville news from an black perspective. On Tuesday, at The Lab Nashville, the publication hosted a women-only event aimed at breaking the code of dating in the city. Moderated by Markeith Braden (entrepreneur + success coach), the event asked attendees open-ended questions about their dating experiences in Nashville.

dating in the ville

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Stylishly Tasty with Slim & Husky’s

Slim & Husky’s is Nashville’s pizza! By now, if you live in Nashville and you haven’t had a pizza from Slim & Husky’s pizza you must live under a rock. Slim and Husky’s Pizza Beeria rocked the Nashville culinary scene like no other restaurant. Maybe it’s because people love pizza, maybe because of their commitment to the community, or maybe because black people are awesome and we make everything better – no matter what, Slim & Husky’s is here to stay. That’s why I was so happy they asked me to check out their Antioch location, delicious NEW Signature Pasta, and rock their very fly merchandise.

Rocking the WuPream Long Sleeve tee

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MOTIVATION: Through failure, I found faith!

Last week, I felt the sting of FAILURE. I wrote about it on Instagram. This week I sing the song of FAITH! I don’t have all the solutions to my problems, but I feel confident that I can get through everything I’m dealing with. Knowing that a solution is coming is a relief! Because knowing you failed can be heartbreaking. Listen, you will fail. And … Continue reading MOTIVATION: Through failure, I found faith!

A super quick Halloween look!

Halloween always sneaks up on me! Always! Probably because I didn’t grow up celebrating a traditional Halloween in my religious house. We went to church nights, dressed up as ‘safe’ characters, and enjoyed autumn themed games. No shade, I still had fun (and got candy). Now days, the CREATIVITY that goes into costumes blows me away. From celebs to friends going on bar crawls, the … Continue reading A super quick Halloween look!

How to Survive an HBCU Homecoming!

Get geeked, get geeked, it’s homecoming WEEK! Well, it’s homecoming SEASON all across the nation. Most know that homecoming is a time for colleges and high schools to welcome back former students and Alumni. But, an HBCU homecoming is a special thing, Black people just have a way of making things EXTRA fun!

We swag-surf, we eat fish sandwiches, we live for the band, and we are SO stylish! I’m an HBCU Alum (Tennessee State University – GO TIGERS!) and I know the excitement! Check out one of my fave HOMECOMING fashion posts below:

What To Wear to an HBCU Homecoming

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MY CITY: True Food Kitchen makes eating healthy, chic!

When I received an invite to True Food Kitchen I was so excited to try their chic approach to conscience nutrition! Basically, the True Food Kitchen’s menu is all healthy but so TASTY! Below, I share my experience dining at Nashville’s newest restaurant and what set this menu apart from other ‘healthy’ cuisines in the city.

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